Data Breaches


6 Most Common Causes of Data Leaks in 2021

The trend of global data breach events is steep and still continuing to tilt upwards. According to the latest data breach investigation report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, data breach costs in 2021 have reached a record high. Last year, the average cost was US$3.83 million, and this year it has peaked at US$4.24 million. Mitigating these events involves comprehensive management of the entire attack surface, including the third, and even fourth-party vendor network.

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Fostering a culture of security with a hybrid workforce

Over the past two years, change has been rapid and widespread in the business world. The pandemic forced a frenzied shift to remote work, and the rushed adoption of new tools, workflows, and communication methods. Now, rather than cram back into the office all at once, many companies are testing the waters of hybrid work - either as a stepping stone or an indefinite transformation.

How to Report a Data Breach per GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act is a broad set of data privacy rules that define how an organization must handle and protect the personal data of citizens of the European Union (EU). The Regulation also outlines the way that organizations can report a data breach. Articles 33 and 34 outline the requirements for breach notification; however, most businesses are still unaware of their responsibilities.


Data Breaches: A Chance for Opportunistic Scammers & What You Should Watch for

Data breaches are now part of doing business, with many companies having been affected. Data is very valuable to criminals because it is often used to commit fraudulent activities as well as to enhance the credibility of scams. Data that is stolen ranges from Social Security Numbers (SSNs) to other identification documents and payment details.

Introducing Kroll's Third-Party Notification Platform

Kroll’s third-party breach management platform cuts through the complex logistics of coordinating breach notification for a compromised entity and the consumer-facing organizations with which they work. Watch this video to see how we help clients navigate through the complexities of breach notifications with third-parties.

The Cost of a Data Breach Report: Key Highlights

IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021 analyzed 537 real breaches and conducted nearly 3,500 interviews to uncover the true cost of a data breach in 2020. The publication covers initial attack vectors, how long it took organizations to discover and contain braces, as well as the effects that incident response efforts and artificial intelligence have on mitigating breach costs.