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Lunch & Learn: Navigating Increased Transactional Risk Scrutiny

The list and severity of risks that can affect a transaction continue to grow, with cyber becoming an alarmingly difficult challenge for firms of all sizes. With tighter scrutiny around Regulations S-P and S-ID, a variety of disclosure obligations and new encrypted messaging apps, conducting proper cyber due diligence is imperative. However, will cyber diligence slow the deal? What are the implications for taking shortcuts?

Exchange Online Classification

Watch this quick tip that shows admins how Egnyte classifies sensitive content found in Exchange Online email repositories. Egnyte enables you to securely share content, by using links. But, we know that email attachments are also a common method for your users to send and receive sensitive information. Ensure you have full visibility into where all of your sensitive content resides by adding Exchange Online as a content source for email classification.

Free Webinar | What's new in PAM360

Digital keys and certificates are an important category of non-human privileged identities that encrypt web communications and facilitate identification and authorization of users to privileged systems. The latest version of PAM360 brings a plethora of digital key and certificate management capabilities to the table that help IT administrators track and automate the entire life cycle of digital identities from a single pane of glass.

Splunk SOAR Feature Overview: App Editor

A common task on the Splunk SOAR platform is installing a new app, or updating existing apps. Apps extend the Splunk SOAR platform by integrating third-party security products and tools. With the Splunk SOAR App Editor, you can create, edit, and test apps all from one place, making the app development experience easier and faster than ever. We currently offer more than 350 premade apps that are accessible right now.

Splunk SOAR Feature Overview: Apps

Splunk SOAR apps are the integration points between Splunk SOAR and other security technologies. Through apps, Splunk SOAR directs your other security tools to perform actions, such as direct VirusTotal to check file reputation or Cisco Firewall to block an IP. Splunk SOAR’s app model supports integration with over 350 tools and over 2100 different actions. All Splunk SOAR apps are available on Splunkbase.