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SIEM use cases: the importance of bespoke threat detection rules

However, SIEM requires the effective application of use cases or threat detection rules to achieve its full potential. In the first of this two-part series, we outline the importance of SIEM use cases (or rules) and the limitations of relying upon those provided out of the box with SIEM platforms.


13 reasons Log360 is the SIEM solution for you: Part 2

Our integrated compliance management tool helps you breeze through audits. Log360 provides out-of-the-box templates to meet all the major compliance regulations, such as the GDPR, PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, and GLBA. What’s more, you can monitor the compliance status for these regulations in real time on graphical dashboards. Log360 also provides prebuilt compliance alerts to notify you about any critical compliance-related events.


How to Detect SAP Threats in Real-Time with LogSentinel SIEM?

When it comes to the security of SAP systems, SIEM products often fail to meet companies’ expectations as they couldn’t fully interpret the SAP logs. LogSentinel Next-Gen SIEM solves this problem, eliminating the blind spots, as well as all SAP threats, and successfully parsing every log file in a human-readable format.


XDR, What is it? Does everyone agree? What is Real Impact vs. Hype?

With so many overlapping and self-serving definitions of XDR (Extended Detection and Response), we thought we would provide a perspective from some of us on the front lines of trying to embrace technology innovation while filtering vendor marketing noise. We agree with several industry analysts covering the space that XDR is a vendor push with no real customer demand, but the problem spaces within XDR are of significant customer interest.