Credenxia leaps into the future with Dock's API

Preparing to move towards a decentralized solution for creating and managing employee credentials, Credenxia is working with Dock to build a Proof of Concept (PoC) application to create, issue, manage, and verify credentials instantly. This PoC is now complete!

Interested in a Career in Cybersecurity? These Tips Can Help Guide Your Journey

With the current global cybersecurity talent shortage just over three million, and the cybersecurity job market continuing to grow (31% in the U.S. by 2029), opportunities are plentiful for anyone interested in a career in cybersecurity. In support of this week’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month theme, “Cybersecurity Career Awareness,” I had an opportunity to speak with Dave Stromberg, ThreatQuotient’s Talent Acquisition Manager.


Snyk joins OpenSSF: Tackling open source supply chain security with a developer-first approach

I’m excited to share that Snyk has joined the Linux Foundation’s expanded support of the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) as a premier member alongside Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Facebook, Intel, VMware, Red Hat, Oracle, and others. As Snyk’s mission is to enable developers to develop fast while staying secure, we believe that this cross-industry collaboration is critical to the future of software development and improving the security of open source.


Mobile Premier League Implements ForgeRock to Support Growth for 85 Million Customers Worldwide and Counting

Sometimes you hear the term “explosive growth” when describing businesses, but that description doesn’t always ring true. In the case of Mobile Premier League (MPL), it does. In just three years, this India-based e-sports company has reached unicorn status, securing over 85 million global users. Valued at $2.3 billion, MPL currently offers 60+ games on its platform.


Ethical hacker shares top tips to protect your attack surface

The underrated threat of domain takeover and hacking a firm’s internal and external attack surface can enable malicious actors to circumvent many advanced website protection mechanisms. However, Detectify Crowdsource hacker Jasmin Landry says that deploying an external attack surface management (EASM) system can help beef up your security before a malicious hacker wreaks havoc on your company. A common aphorism in cybersecurity is that there’s no such thing as perfect security.


How to Write Crisp and Clear Security Operations Communications Before You Hit Send [Template + Infographic]

You send messages frequently. Text, chat and email: all day, every day. Something so commonplace risks complacency and developing bad habits. Plus, many people won’t give a second thought to cranking out a quick message, but when it comes to writing something you know you have to write – and which will have a wide audience – your tendency may be to freeze up (and break out into a cold sweat).

Key Takeaways From the NIST Ransomware Risk Management Profile

Ransomware groups have generated so much damage that the United States Federal government has made it a top priority to thwart such efforts including, hosting a major international summit on the topic, setting up a ransomware task force and repeatedly urging organizations to improve their cyber resilience.

Free Webinar | What's new in PAM360

Digital keys and certificates are an important category of non-human privileged identities that encrypt web communications and facilitate identification and authorization of users to privileged systems. The latest version of PAM360 brings a plethora of digital key and certificate management capabilities to the table that help IT administrators track and automate the entire life cycle of digital identities from a single pane of glass.