5 reasons why security automation won't replace skilled security professionals

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, even more so in the past decade, with technological revolutions changing the core of the cybersecurity industry. With new emerging technologies, machine learning, security automation, and AI are slowly but surely becoming a reality in the cybersecurity world. But as the cybersecurity landscape continues and redefines the roles of security workers, which logically begs the question - what does this mean for security professionals?


Supervised Active Intelligence - The next level of security automation

Taking a proactive approach to threat hunting in cybersecurity is crucial, especially today when attacks are more stealthy and more complex than ever. What this means is that the olden ways of cybersecurity relying on time-consuming manual workflows are slowly becoming obsolete, and cybersecurity teams must be supported by active learning intelligence in their threat hunting processes.


ASOC series part 2: How to scale AppSec with application security automation

Learn how ASOC tools make scaling possible through application security automation and orchestration. In part one of our series on application security orchestration and correlation (ASOC), we looked at how this new application security trend improves DevSecOps efficiency. We will now focus on the typical challenges AppSec teams face due to today’s rapid development cycles, and how ASOC tools can solve these challenges with automation and scalability.


Splunk SOAR: Anyone Can Automate

If you haven’t heard the news, Splunk Phantom is now Splunk SOAR – available both on-prem and in the cloud. What does this mean to you? You can deploy SOAR in the way that best supports your business needs. No matter what deployment you choose, you can automate from anywhere, and truly “SOAR your own way!” Hot on the heels of our cloud release is another exciting announcement: Splunk SOAR’s new Visual Playbook Editor.


Manual security testing services vs. automated AppSec tools: Which to use?

Manual security testing services and automated AppSec tools have their place in DevOps. Knowing which to use will make your security efforts more effective. AppSec tools that can quickly identify secrets or sensitive data accidentally (or intentionally) inserted in source code are crucial in automatically scanning millions of lines of code to find critical security issues.


Are fraudsters using automation to execute mass cyber-attacks?

As our digital world turns toward advances in automated technology to increase efficiency and productivity, cybercriminals are also learning how to execute mass automated cyber-attacks. According to the 2021 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report, most people are concerned about the security of various applications and 52% believe that these threats challenge the integrity of networks.

Closing the Loop on Automation, Itential and Forward Networks

Combining the power of Forward Networks' Digital Twin with Itential's low-code network automation platform enables network operations teams to take full advantage of automated network configuration without the risk of unintended consequences from change windows.

Why automation is critical for your software development

Automation, when done properly, can improve the productivity, quality, safety and security in your software development. Automation isn’t just a “nice-to-have” element of modern business. It’s a “must-have.” Companies simply can’t compete on multiple levels—quality, speed to market, safety, and security—if they rely on manual tools and processes.