Data Protection


Credential leaks are growing on the dark web

Credential leakage on the dark web is constantly growing, which reveals a painful reality: a significant proportion of organizations still don’t protect employee data properly. A report published by Arctic Wolf highlights that the number of corporate passwords that have been leaked to the dark web has shot up by 429% since last March. Thus, on average and for each organization, up to 17 credentials (including username and password) are available on the dark web.


Data protection and the Age-Appropriate Design Code

A 2019 report by Ofcom shows that 50% of ten-year olds own mobile phones. While viewing of video-on-demand (with YouTube as firm favourite), has doubled in the last five years among children. Platforms like TikTok are rapidly growing in popularity. Sadly, more and more children are being exposed to hateful, violent and disturbing contents on these platforms.


Six data protection tips for healthcare organisations

Healthcare providers collect, process and share citizens’ most highly sensitive personal data – from names, dates of birth and contact details, to medical and financial information. The loss of this data by healthcare organisations can cause significant emotional distress to patients if private medical conditions are disclosed, and also make them more vulnerable to identity theft, fraud and further cyberattacks.


Why the Evolution of Zero Trust Must Begin with Data Protection

The need for “Zero Trust” today is no longer the same as what we talked about years ago when the term was first coined. Back then, businesses only had a handful of remote workers signing in to the corporate network. The common wisdom of the day dictated that you couldn’t implicitly trust the authentication of those remote users any longer because they weren’t on the company LAN and the common solution was installing two-factor authentication.


Cloud Data Protection: What You Need to Know

It’s no surprise that cloud adoption continues to be a major force impacting organizations today. A 2020 McKinsey survey indicated that many organizations saw several years worth of digital transformation take place in 2020. An IDG survey, which we referenced in our Securing Best of Breed SaaS Applications webinar, suggested that 95% of organizations expect to be partly or fully in the cloud by the end of 2021, with almost half the applications used by their workforce being SaaS or open source.


Security measures for data protection

All of us take our personal security very seriously – after all, when was the last time you left your house without locking your front door? Sadly the same can’t be said for the care we take about our personal data – both our own, and that of other people. But personal data is an integral and unignorable fact of life, and we need to ensure we’re taking care of it in both our personal and professional lives.