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Top Email Security Gateway Services

With the ever-evolving landscape of email security services comes the ‘question’… ‘what are the top email security gateway services’? Our website analytics show that this term is searched for more regularly than most other general searches. A key indicator is that many top email gateway services brands have been tried and tested previously…market research is required to check for innovation – Is there anything you haven’t tried?


Fight the Phish! How DevSecOps Can Support the Effort

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the U.S. government’s annual reminder that information security is something everyone needs to consider. Each week of the month has a specific theme, and this week’s topic should be of interest to every CISO: Fight the Phish! There are many layers of defense that organizations can put in place to mitigate phishing, and DevSecOps can be part of that effort. But more on that later. First, let’s look at the current phishing landscape.


Seven new (and convincing!) phishing scams to watch out for

Cybersecurity would be so much simpler if criminal groups would stick to the same old tried and tested methods. Sadly, that’s never going to happen – they’re persistent and creative. Instead, cybersecurity teams need to keep up to date with the latest tricks in the criminal playbook. There’s no standing still when it comes to cybercrime.


Don't Warn Your Co-Workers About That Phishing Test

It is October 2021, and another Cybersecurity Awareness Month is upon us. With so much having occurred over the last year, we should all be experts in personal cybersecurity protection. After all, when our homes became our primary business location, it all became very personal. I once worked at a company that prohibited me from offering personal cybersecurity advice.


Investigating GSuite Phishing Attacks with Splunk

Malicious actors are constantly finding new ways to deliver their malicious payloads. With the recent migration of businesses moving to web application-based services, file storage, email, calendar, and other channels have become valuable means for delivering malicious code and payloads. In some instances, these services are abused as Command and Control infrastructure since many enterprises trust these services by default.


Encryption and authentication don't need to be painful! Here's how.

I had the pleasure of being at an in-person event recently. Aside from the joy it brought me to simply see people for the three-dimensional beings they are, it was of course incredible to connect with the Information Security community once more. Interestingly, a topic came up in quite a few of my conversations with fellow delegates. And it was one that I wasn’t expecting: encryption. It was often amiable, but on a couple of occasions eyes would roll.


Protect your privacy with 1Password and Fastmail

Last year, we made it easier to make secure payments online through direct integration with Privacy. Now, we’re doing the same for email. Announcing Masked Email – a 1Password and Fastmail integration. Create new, unique email addresses without ever leaving the sign-up page. Keep your real email address private from the apps or services that you sign up for – using a masked email address can protect you from breaches, and puts control of your inbox back in your hands.