Meeting Management Platform for the Insurance Market

Pandemic or not, insurance companies aim to securely and efficiently provide financial assurance to the population. To further support this goal, the insurance market has adopted hybrid workplace setup but is now facing challenges in selecting a digital solution that ensures high-level security, increases efficiency, and facilitates governance practices.


The Board Portal for Insurance Companies

The pandemic has overwhelmed us with changes, including the changes in workplace setup. Insurance companies have started adopting various types of hybrid workplace setups to accommodate the needs of both customers and employees. However, it has been challenging for such companies to find the perfect solution that provides efficiency, security, and governance all in one platform. This article outlines the internal needs of the insurance companies and how one digital solution can address it all.

ConveneAGM - Redefining the Future of Virtual AGMs

ConveneAGM is the national leading virtual AGM system for listed companies, institutions, and membership associations to hold their annual general meetings and any other company-wide meetings. Our solution empowers companies to hold engaging virtual or hybrid AGMs for their shareholders that are compliant to legislative guidelines. If you're interested, you may email us at and we'd gladly assist regarding any inquiries.

Designing Your Hybrid Workplace: Things to Consider

In today’s definition, a workplace is no longer a place. Most people realized they could work literally anywhere — office, coffee shop, home. Organizations and companies worldwide have turned to remote working for some time now. With the onset and offset of multiple lockdowns in many countries, there is a need to implement a hybrid workplace to adapt to the demanding conditions of today’s work setup.


What Hybrid Workplace Setup is the Right One for You?

As we continuously make our way towards a post-pandemic world, adapting to the new normal is necessary. Speaking of new normal, one big trend we are seeing in the workplace is going hybrid. In fact, some organizations consider going hybrid as the future of work. Going hybrid means establishing a work setup that involves both working in the office and elsewhere, usually at home.


What are Annual General Meetings (AGMs)?

Companies and organizations are obliged to hold annual general meetings to discuss matters with board members and shareholders. Conducting these meetings must be prepared and facilitated properly, as there are legal consequences at stake. But what exactly are annual general meetings? How should companies administer these meetings?


Eliminate DevSecOps Friction with the Right Tools for Collaboration

An annual study that looks at the differences between organizations with mature DevSecOps practices and immature programs makes one thing clear: mature DevSecOps practices make developers happy. The survey, released annually by Sonatype, CloudBees, Signal Sciences, Twistlock and Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute had 5,045 respondents from over 70 different countries in its most recent release.


How are Electronic Board Books Useful?

Developments in technology have led board members and corporate secretaries to look into solutions that compensate for their tedious work schedules. Amidst initial apprehensions, leaders are now starting to warm themselves to the idea that digitizing board books present significant benefits to their respective companies. It has now become the norm for businesses – ranging from nonprofits to corporations – to adopt electronic board books for their meetings.


What are the Characteristics of an Effective Hybrid Workplace?

Remote work has been on the rise since the abrupt transition from physical to virtual workplace because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations and companies have seen the need to adapt to the virtual setup to continue their operations. With an effective hybrid workplace, the quality of work and the team’s engagement could be maintained in the post-pandemic.