Digital Identity

Credenxia leaps into the future with Dock's API

Preparing to move towards a decentralized solution for creating and managing employee credentials, Credenxia is working with Dock to build a Proof of Concept (PoC) application to create, issue, manage, and verify credentials instantly. This PoC is now complete!

Mobile Premier League Implements ForgeRock to Support Growth for 85 Million Customers Worldwide and Counting

Sometimes you hear the term “explosive growth” when describing businesses, but that description doesn’t always ring true. In the case of Mobile Premier League (MPL), it does. In just three years, this India-based e-sports company has reached unicorn status, securing over 85 million global users. Valued at $2.3 billion, MPL currently offers 60+ games on its platform.


Four Dilemmas of a Troubled Financial Services Consumer

I opened my first bank account 25 years ago. Stepping into financial independence filled me with excitement, but also anxiety about all that I had to learn. A lot has changed since then, from the digitization of banking to the introduction of privacy and payments regulations in many parts of the world.


IAM 101 Series: What Is CIAM?

A customer identity and access management solution, or CIAM, is the foundation for building deeper relationships with your customers. Enterprise organizations rely on CIAM to acquire customers faster, deliver a great customer experience, and protect customer data. To learn more about how CIAM works, its benefits, and how it can help propel your business forward, keep reading.


Is a verification solution necessary for startups?

The past two years have sure made everyone rethink and reimagine the way businesses must run. These years have been marked by resilience and reinvention. And, for many digital and digitally enabled startups, it’s been a year of remarkable growth. Almost all startups restructured their companies and significantly reduced costs. Many had to explore new distribution channels or new customer segments. Omnichannel consumer brands shifted completely online.


Don't Procrastinate. Go Passwordless.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) points out that password-based authentication is no longer keeping us secure. To prevent password theft, modern platforms use familiar tactics such as requiring “complex” passwords that are frequently changed. Unfortunately, these cumbersome tactics backfire. Users work around them. They select passwords that are easy to remember and guess. They reuse the same passwords. And they write them on sticky notes.


The Identity Brief: Identity in the Real World

When we think of identity luminaries, we often think of people who have spent their careers building or designing digital identity technologies. But what about the people who take the technology out of the lab and make it work in the real world - where it matters most? These people solve real problems and create tremendous opportunities.


ForgeRock Is Now a Public Company

ForgeRock launched in 2010 to help build a future where people could simply and safely access the connected world. At the heart of the company is the belief that better access to what you want to achieve online can transform business and change lives. Today, our team is taking an important step together that will further our mission. We are now a public company, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol FORG.

Digidentity Advanced and Qualified eSignatures now available direct from Adobe

Digidentity, a Solera company, Europe's most innovative online identity verification company, has today announced that it has signed a resale agreement with Adobe. The agreement enables Adobe to resell Digidentity's Advanced and Qualified Electronic signatures as part of the Adobe Sign service offering.