Threat Hunting with Elastic APM

Learn how APM lets you monitor the performance of applications deployed anywhere within your network. Now you can use APM data to hunt for threats and injection attacks, too. Elastic provides a common data platform so you can view HTTP data collected with your APM agents in the Elastic SIEM app. It’s seamless monitoring and protection to keep your systems up, running, and secure.

Virtual Meetup: Advanced Threat Hunting & Monitoring with Elastic APM

Aligning security and risk management to the business strategy is imperative in driving value. With a “yes, and here’s how” attitude, CISO’s organization has now become a trusted advisor to the business enabled with preventative, detective, and responsive solutions. Tools such as application performance monitoring (APM) can shed light on the components that make up the organization’s DNA including the current COVID-19 impact and the need for a distributed workforce.

APMs and Their Impact on API Consumption

Application performance management (APM) software, sometimes known as application performance monitoring software, is a software as a service (SaaS) type that provides you with a variety of ways to analyze and ensure availability within your application. They can give you metrics in areas such as render times, database load, and failed requests. Modern APM tools are mostly drop-in, all-in-one style solutions. Add a dependency and know everything about why your app is slowing down or crashing.