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3 Ways Egnyte Helps Life Sciences Companies Leverage the Cloud

Life sciences companies increasingly rely on cloud computing environments to accelerate research. The cloud provides cost effective compute power, more efficient data processing, access to files and applications from anywhere, and advanced analytics tools to gain insights from data and manage it. But when a majority of that research is done by external contract research organizations (CROs) or in time zones on the other side of the world, that speed advantage can grind to a halt.

Exchange Online Classification

Watch this quick tip that shows admins how Egnyte classifies sensitive content found in Exchange Online email repositories. Egnyte enables you to securely share content, by using links. But, we know that email attachments are also a common method for your users to send and receive sensitive information. Ensure you have full visibility into where all of your sensitive content resides by adding Exchange Online as a content source for email classification.

How and Why Egnyte Redesigned Its Core Configuration System

Configuration at scale is hard. At Egnyte, we’d developed a flexible system that was advantageous early on but put increasing stress on our engineers and processes as the company grew. And, being a cloud deployed software product, we needed to be able to serve all of its customers, which meant we had to come up with a solution that addressed our current challenges and set us up to support our future growth as well.


Focus on Data Governance This Cybersecurity Awareness Month

For 18 years, Cybersecurity Awareness Month has raised technology users’ awareness about the critical importance of cybersecurity and provided them with helpful resources to interact safely online. This year’s observance of Cybersecurity Awareness Month could not be more critical. It is estimated that more than 2,800 ransomware attacks take place each week—that adds up to more than 145,000 ransomware attacks per year.


5 Reasons Every AEC Firm Should Care about CMMC

Since the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) was released in January 2020, there has been a lot of hand-wringing over what it means and who should actually care. This is especially true for AEC firms, many of which figure this regulation only applies to big system integrators and defense contractors like Northrup Grumman and Boeing. But CMMC isn’t just about large enterprises. Any organization that currently contracts with, or plans to contract with the U.S.

Disable Permissions Inheritance

Simple, intuitive & secure collaboration in the cloud. See how you can easily ensure proper access control to folders in your domain with Egnyte’s granular permissions. When adding user permissions to folders, subfolders automatically inherit the permissions of their parent folder. However, you can disable this feature for specific folders to control exactly who has access. From the folder of your choice, select Share, then Manage Folder Permissions.

Activating the GDPR Policy

In just a few clicks, Egnyte locates data that is subject to GDPR so you can take proper action to keep it secure and compliant. The EU and UK General Data Protection Regulations affect any businesses that store personal data, which belongs to a resident of the United Kingdom or European Union. In just a few clicks, Egnyte locates data that is subject to GDPR so you can take proper action to keep it secure and compliant.

Recipient Specific Links

Ensure the files and folders you share from Egnyte are only accessible to your intended recipients, by creating recipient specific links. When creating a Share link, under who will have access, select Specific Recipients and enter the email addresses of the desired parties. The recipients will be authenticated via email when they first access the link. If they access the link again in the future, they will be emailed an authorization code to unlock the shared content.

Secure Delivery

Egnyte’s Secure Delivery ensures only intended recipients have access to shared files and allows you to revoke access even if the recipient previously downloaded those files. When customizing a Share link, select Specific Recipients and enter the desired email addresses. Then, under Allow Downloads, choose Yes, Encrypted. Recipients can view the shared file in their web browser, however, they must install Egnyte FileGuard to open the encrypted file.